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็Happy Today 2011 คร่า


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    จำนวนข้อความ : 1009
    พลัีงชีวิต : 45101
    คะแนนความดี [Lv] : 6
    วันที่สมัคร : 02/04/2010
    อายุ : 29
    ที่อยู่ : ฺBanGkok Unversity

    100801.SBS.Inkigayo.E583.HDTV.MPEG2.1080i.Clip-AlumiLite 7.22 GB

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    100801.SBS.Inkigayo.E583.HDTV.MPEG2.1080i.Clip-AlumiLite 7.22 GB

    100801.SBS.Inkigayo.E583.HDTV.MPEG2.1080i.Clip-AlumiLite (อ่านรายละเอียดก่อนโหลด)

    Se7en’s Comeback with ‘Digital Bounce’ ft. TOP (Big Bang) + ‘Better Together’
    ~~His perfs are really great. I have to say that I liked his old stuff better though (Passion , I Know , Hikari , etc.). His music now is much more…monotone? His old stuff was more rnb and melodious. The chorus for ‘Better Together’ is really good though.


    รายชื่อ จาก google
    -Homme (Changmin of 2AM + Lee Hyun of 8eight) with ‘I was able to Eat Well’
    -miss A with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ + #1
    ~~another #1 for these ladies
    -SHINee with ‘Lucifer’
    ~~OMG LOL when I first saw Taemin I went O.O because he looks sooo much like a girl today with his hair and outfit!!!
    -Taeyang with ‘I Need a Girl’
    ~~I think the performances are quite entertaining and make the song better for me. I’m really enjoying these perfs
    -Son Dam Bi with ‘queen’
    -Infinite with ‘Come Back Again’
    -Sistar with ‘Push Push’
    -G.NA ft. DooJoon (BEAST) with ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’
    -Teen Top with ‘Clap’
    -Chaeyeon with ‘Look Look Look’
    -MBLAQ with ‘One Better Day’
    -Kang Mi Yeon ft. Mir (MBLAQ) with ‘Going Crazy’
    -Gilme ft. K.Will with ‘I’m Sorry , I Loved You’
    -Narsha with ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’
    -Kim Yeo Hee (Apple Girl) with ‘My Music’
    ~~^^ Nice to see her performing again. Like previously she seems nervous so she’s not as good. But toward the end she gains confidence and does much better. She needs to perform more!
    -4Minute’s ‘Road Safety Song’ MV

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